Doku Jeans History and Inspiration

“DOKU”: Mystery of creation, a passion for excellence with the spirit of a jeans maker…

We created “DOKU” from our passion and love of jeans. From 3 years of through research and development, we have put tremendous effort and devotion in order to create the perfect pair of jeans. We traveled around to Japan, Sweden and Holland; three of the world’s top denim capital. These experiences have infused into “DOKU”: rich experience in fine jeans making, along with unconventional design and development.

With our distinctive passion for denim, the creation of “DOKU”, a unique jeans brand was born. As a result, you can be sure that each pair of jeans is made with exceptional quality gained from an accumulation of skills and expertise.

Doku Jeans Concept and History

Doku Jeans Concept

“DOKU”, a word used to describe the characteristics of being bold and tough like a Tiger. “DOKU” also means, “Poison” in Japanese. We want to create a poison for jeans devotees that once you have experienced the world of “DOKU”, addiction is inevitable. Owing of rich details in every aspect and having a story behind it makes “DOKU” more desirable

since the brand is represented by a Tiger’s determined personality; like the willpower of how we create the jeans. In addition, the arrow on the Tiger’s body means how we were able to overcome countless obstacles we faced during the development of “DOKU”.

Doku Jeans Concept and History